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At Zhao Dental with two locations in Pleasanton and Tracy, California, Shirley Zhao, DDS, and the team provide beautiful porcelain crowns and highly personalized dental care. A beautiful custom crown can enhance your oral health, as well as the function and look of your smile. To learn more, call Zhao Dental or book an appointment online today.


What is a dental crown?

At Zhao Dental, your dentist places a dental crown on top of your damaged or weakened tooth to cap or cover it. Your dental crown is sculpted to the shape of your original tooth and covers the portion of your tooth above your gum line. Using special dental cement, your dentist carefully seals your crown in place. 

Why would I choose a dental crown?

At Zhao Dental, your dentist might recommend a dental crown to cover a stained, cracked, damaged, or decayed tooth.

You have different options when it comes to dental crowns. Your dentist might suggest a crown to protect, strengthen, and hold together a weak tooth and boost the appearance of your smile.

You might also choose a crown to cover an oddly shaped tooth. If you have a missing tooth, your dentist might recommend a dental implant and a crown. A dental implant is a titanium artificial tooth root that is surgically fused to your jawbone.

What are the benefits of porcelain crowns?

Zhao Dental provides custom porcelain crowns — the most aesthetically beautiful, natural-looking, and effective dental crowns.

Porcelain ceramic crowns are popular for several reasons: they can tolerate the force of eating and chewing and they’re particularly reliable and long-lasting.

Porcelain crowns give you a more natural appearance and blend in with your natural teeth. At Zhao Dental, your dentist takes time to help you select the best possible color match to your natural teeth. 

As well as being cosmetically beautiful, porcelain is also the strongest and most durable tooth-colored dental material.

What’s involved in a dental crown procedure?

A dental crown procedure typically involves two dental visits. In some circumstances, only one visit is necessary. Conveniently in-office at Zhao Dental, your dentist takes digital X-rays to assess your tooth requiring the crown. 

Following an evaluation and X-rays, your dentist administers anesthesia and either files down or builds up your original tooth to ensure your crown attaches securely.

Your dentist usually creates an impression of your teeth before sending it to a special dental lab where a qualified technician produces your new custom crown.

Your dentist gives you a temporary crown to wear in the interim to protect your tooth until you return to Zhao Dental where your dentist places your permanent crown.

Rest assured at Zhao Dental, the team works diligently to help you achieve a Hollywood smile that compliments you and benefits your dental wellness. Click the online booking tool or call Zhao Dental today.