6 Benefits of Dental Implants

When your adult teeth come in, they’re designed to last a lifetime. But life happens, and you may find yourself missing one or more teeth. When it comes time to find a suitable replacement, you have many options, but none that offer all of the benefits of dental implants.

At Zhao Dental Corporation, Shirley Zhao, DDS, with offices in Pleasanton and Tracy, CA, has access to the tools and expertise necessary for excellent dental health. To that end, we offer many solutions for missing teeth, and dental implants lead the pack in both form and function.

Here are six ways dental implants will benefit you.

1.Stop the loss

When you lose a tooth (or teeth), you’re losing much more than what you see when you flash a smile. Below your teeth are roots that go down into your jawbone, which provides stability for your teeth. Your jawbone is like every other bone in your body, which means that it’s living tissue that responds to use, continually rebuilding itself with new bone growth to maintain strength. When your root is missing or inactive, that section of your bone is no longer receiving the signal to continue its regeneration.

This eventually leads to bone loss, which can have a widespread impact on your overall oral health. With an implant, we place a new “root” (a titanium post) in the area that signals your body to grow new bone around it, fusing it into your jawbone to prevent bone loss.

2. Keeping it in line

When we place a dental implant into your jawbone, your body integrates the newcomer into your existing line of teeth. This prevents your surrounding teeth from shifting out of place, almost like a domino effect.

3. Avoid the loose fit

Although partial dentures provide adequate replacements for missing teeth, they don’t offer the same stability as dental implants. Since we surgically implant the post into your jawbone, allowing it to integrate naturally, the end product is far more stable than removable dentures. In fact, with a crown over the top, your dental implant will act, for all intents and purposes, just like a natural tooth.

This means you won’t encounter chewing or speaking problems, which can sometimes be an issue with removable options. For this reason, we turn to dental implants to anchor dental bridges, which is a great option if you’re missing several teeth in a row.

4. Looking good

Once your post is in place and secured by your bone, we place a crown over the post that fits in seamlessly with your neighboring teeth. Each custom-designed crown is made to match your teeth in color and shape so that, from the outside, no one will be able to tell that the tooth is a replacement.

5. An easier road

Since dental implants take up their positions in your mouth in a permanent way, there’s nothing you need to do to provide extra care. With removable devices, you need to take additional steps to clean and maintain them properly. Conversely, with your dental implant, you simply brush, floss, and rinse as you usually do.

6. Going the distance

The dental implants we provide are designed to last a lifetime. Since the post is fully integrated into your jawbone, there will be no need to re-address the problem in the future. Granted, we may have to replace your crown somewhere down the line, but it’s a relatively straightforward process with your post already holding down the position.

If you’re exploring your options in replacement teeth, contact Zhao Dental Corporation today. 

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